Sunday, April 17, 2011

Troy Township Democratic Party responds to Congressman Adam Kinzinger's support for House Republican's "Pathway to Prosperity" Plan

The Troy Township Democratic Party has released an official statement on Congressman Adam Kinzinger's support for the House Republicans' "Pathway to Prosperity" Plan.

“Adam Kinzinger is supporting a plan that puts seniors health in the hands of private insurers who can raise premiums and deny treatment ordered by doctors,” said Tom Earls, Chairman of the Troy Township Democratic Party. “Senior citizens often live on a fixed income. If their premiums increase, that’s money directly out of their limited finances.”

Earls also said: “As American’s we hold a responsibility to ensure a stable and healthy future for our seniors, and instead Adam Kinzinger wants to put their health care costs in limbo. This is the same economic bait and switch George W. Bush sought with Social Security – and we know how that would have turned out looking at the stock market crash we just lived through.”

Here is a YouTube video where Paul Ryan makes the case for the "Pathway to Prosperity" Plan:

Also, here is a video of President Obama's speech where he laid out his plan to reduce the deficit and also responded to ideas in the "Pathway to Prosperity":