Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joliet City Council Candidate Richard Rodriguez Seeks Elimination of Lifetime Health Care for Retired City Council Members

Richard Rodriguez, candidate for Joliet City Council, District 3, launched an online petition calling for the elimination of lifetime health care benefits for retired city council members and mayors.

“This is our Joliet, where people work hard and live within their means,” said Richard Rodriguez. “Unfortunately, Joliet politicians have not lived within theirs – and in return, it’s the people of Joliet who have to pay.”

Currently, council members and mayors who serve two terms or more are eligible for free lifetime health care benefits paid for by the city upon their retirement.  City Council positions are classified as part-time occupations.

“Joliet is currently running budget deficits, and that’s just not acceptable,” Rodriguez said. “It’s time that we start coming up with real solutions to get us back on track – even that means making some tough decisions. That’s why I am calling on the current council members and all candidates seeking election to the board to pledge to eliminate this financial burden, which will ultimately fall upon future generations of Joliet,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’ announcement comes on the heels of Councilman Joseph Shetina’s request last week that city staff prepare a proposal for a change to the system.

Rodriguez has sent a letter today to all city candidates and council members urging them to join his pledge. The public can sign the online petition at www.SaveJoliet.com.

Rodriguez is running for Joliet City Council, District 3, against incumbent John Gerl and Robert G. Hacker.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Check out this Associated Press video featuring footage of Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger in Washington, DC:

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adam Kinzinger named one of top ten conservatives to watch by Slate

Slate.com has named Congressman-Elect Adam Kinzinger one of "Ten Conservatives Who Will Define 2011."

Kinzinger defeated Debbie Halvorson in Illinois' 11th Congressional District.

Check out this video of Adam Kinzinger at the Frankfort Fall Fest Parade in September 2010, featuring the best item I've ever seen handed out by a candidate at a parade, freezy pops: