Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kinzinger Calls for Repeal of Obamacare

Congressman Adam Kinzinger released the following press release today after voting in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare:

"Washington, D.C. – Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), voted in support of today’s House vote to repeal the government takeover of health care.  Kinzinger, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, gave the following remarks on the House floor in opposition to the overall tax burden this health care law places on the economy:

Kinzinger's remarks:

"The other day the Supreme Court made one thing very clear -- the individual mandate is nothing more than a tax.  

"The overall tax burden that this puts on our economy is staggering.   The overall tax burden this puts on the middle class is staggering.   And along with those unprecedented personal tax that this implements -- let me point out two other major ones: 
·         A $20 billion device tax - okay?  You can pay for that, according to this bill.
·         A $102 billion small business health insurance tax.

"This bill clearly places a huge tax burden on the American people as said by the Supreme Court.

"And by the way, yesterday the administration asked for a tax increase on the majority of small businesses.   But don't worry because that's only for a year, because in a year taxes will increase on all levels of income if the tax cuts are allowed to expire.  

"In 2010, the American people sent a message to Washington when they sent one of the largest, boldest freshmen classes they have ever sent to Washington, D.C.   We were here with the mandate stop the taxes, repeal this health care law.  And we'll do that."

McGuire Praises Governor’s Decision to End Controversial Legislative Scholarship Program

Springfield, IL- State Senator Pat McGuire (D-Joliet) praised the governor’s decision to sign legislation ending the controversial legislative scholarship program earlier today.  McGuire, who took office earlier this year, chose not to participate in the scandal-ridden program and has vocally supported its abolition.  He issued the following statement:

“Programs that aren’t on the up-and-up have to go.  Getting rid of legislative scholarships is an important step toward restoring confidence in Illinois government.  The State of Illinois has better ways to spend its money than on legislative scholarships.  We must work on making higher education affordable for everyone.  We also must make sure students graduate and are ready to work and make our state great again.”

Kinzinger Works to Streamline Job Training for Returning Veteran EMTs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a hearing focused on H.R. 4124, the Veteran Medical Technician Support Act of 2012. U.S. Representatives Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Lois Capps (D-CA) introduced this legislation to assist states in streamlining their certification requirements for veterans with military emergency medical technician (EMT) training who want to continue their career as an EMT in the civilian workforce.

Currently, many veteran EMTs are required to take classes they have already completed in the military to satisfy the civilian licensure system, needlessly delaying their entry into the civilian workforce. This bipartisan legislation would make the process more efficient and provide grants to states so they can streamline requirements for veterans with military EMT training to become certified civilian EMTs.  In doing so, returning veterans will not have to start over at square one in their training and can enter the civilian workforce much sooner.

“Just last week, new jobs numbers highlighted the incredibly difficult environment our veterans face as they re-enter the civilian work force,” said Kinzinger, a Major in the Air National Guard. “Unemployment rates remain stubbornly high for all Americans, but particularly too high among our men and women who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. This should not be the case. Commonsense legislation like this is an important step to quickly and effectively help our veterans as they transition from the battlefield back to civilian life.”

“Our military men and women receive some of the best technical training in emergency medicine – and they prove their skills on the battlefield every day. When they return home, however, experienced military medics are often required to begin their training completely over at the most basic level to receive certification for civilian jobs. This needlessly keeps our veterans out of the workforce and withholds valuable medical personnel from our communities,” said Capps. “I am pleased that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is moving forward with our commonsense, bipartisan proposal to get our nation’s veterans back to work, and I hope it will be approved soon.”

Today’s witness list included Mr. Ben D. Chlapek, Chairman of the Military Relations Committee for the National Association of Emergency Technicians and Mr. Daniel Nichols, Senior Vice President of Victory Media.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

McGuire Disappointed Over Partial IYC-Joliet Funding

Illinois State Senator Pat McGuire released the following press release regarding Gov. Quinn's decision to fund IYC-Joliet only through December 31, 2012:

"Joliet, IL – State Senator Pat McGuire (D-Joliet) is expressing disappointment over Governor Pat Quinn today cutting in half funding for Illinois Youth Center (IYC) Joliet. Quinn’s decision gives the facility funds to operate until approximately December 31, 2012.  The state’s new fiscal year begins tomorrow, July 1, 2012 and runs through June 30, 2013.

“I’m disappointed by the governor’s decision,” McGuire said.  “The General Assembly passed a balanced budget containing the money needed to keep IYC Joliet open throughout the next fiscal year. The governor cannot spend the appropriated funds on anything except public safety. IYC Joliet is essential to the public’s safety.”

IYC Joliet is the state’s only maximum security facility for young male offenders. It houses over 250 of Illinois’ most dangerous young male offenders, many in their late teens.  Just two days ago, an offender convicted of armed robbery got as far as the facility’s razor-wire fence in an attempted escape.

The administration has told McGuire it intends to move IYC Joliet residents to IYC St. Charles, a 106 year-old facility, and IYC Kewanee near the Quad Cities. The Quinn administration first announced a July 31 closing date for IYC Joliet. After an outcry from the public and legislators, the closing date was extended to October 31.  The governor’s action today postpones the closing to the end of 2012.

“The General Assembly reconvenes November 27,” McGuire said. “I’ll work with my Senate colleagues and Rep. Larry Walsh, Jr. to convince the governor to restore a full year’s funding for IYC Joliet during that veto session. After all, IYC Joliet’s staff, programs, and location make it the most appropriate place for maximum-security offenders to pay their debt to society and, we hope, turn away from a life of crime.”