Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joliet City Council District 1 Candidate Larry Hug wants companies to pay local resource use fee for each container that goes through local intermodals

Larry Hug is a candidate for the District One Joliet City Council Seat.  Hug is one of six challengers running against incumbent Joseph Shetina.

Will County News spoke to Hug at the recent Informate/Get Informed Candidate Forum.  When asked about his ideas to fill the city's budget deficit, Hug said he proposes charging a $50 local resource use fee on containers that pass through the intermodals within the boundaries of City of Joliet, such as the Joliet CenterPoint Intermodal.

Hug said if the Joliet-area is going to become "one of the world's closets", then the City should recoup money for the wear and tear increased truck traffic causes on area roads.  Hug said the City should also collect that money to be prepared to react if there were ever a toxic spill from a container.

Hug said if large corporations are going to enjoy all of the rights of individuals (a reference, I believe, to the Citizens United case), then the corporations should also have a right to pay their fair share in fees and contribute to the local economy.

Hug said he also wants to work on performance-based tax breaks for companies that create jobs in Joliet and do a line-by-line audit of the city budget.  Hug said the job-creating tax-break should reach out to mom and pop businesses in Joliet.

Candidates for the City of Joliet District One seat running against incumbent Joseph Shetina are:
IIona Vaughn
Larry Hug
Vanessa Romeo
James Lipinski
Donald C. West Jr.
Steve Cammack