Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joliet City Council District 1 Candidate Ilona Vaughn

There are six candidates challenging current Joliet City Councilman Joe Shetina, they are:
Ilona Vaughn
Larry E. Hug
Vanessa Romeo
James Lipinski
Donald C. West Jr.
Steve Cammack

Will County News spoke with candidate Ilona Vaughn at the recent Informate/Get Informed Candidates Forum.  Vaughn said her main goal is to give the residents of District 1 a voice.  She said the current District 1 Councilman is not well-known by many residents in District 1.  Vaughn said the "person who represents the district needs to know the people in the district."

With regards to Joliet's budget crisis, Vaughn has a clear position: "No tax increases, no rate increases."  Vaughn said she would root out wasteful spending.  As an example, Vaughn said that while public art is a good thing, in light of the city's budget crisis, it was not fiscally sound for the City to have spent 32,000 on a Lincoln statue recently.

Vaughn also said she wants to increase transparency in the City of Joliet; she wants all citizens to be able to easily look up where the city's money is going.