Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Larry Hug wins(unofficial until April 26) Joliet City Council District One Election

The Will County Clerk's election results webpage shows that Larry Hug is the unofficial winner in the District 1 City Council race, with 528 votes.  The next highest vote-getter was IIona Vaughn, who received 506 votes.

Check out two Will County New articles on Larry Hug's ideas for Joliet:

Joliet City Council District 1 Candidate Larry Hug wants companies to pay local resource use fee for each container that goes through local intermodals


Joliet City Council District 1 Candidate Larry Hug Tired of Career Politicians

Again, these results are unofficial, per the Will County Clerk: "UNOFFICIAL RESULTS

On Election Night, as precincts are reporting, you will see the results being tabulated. These results will not include the Absentee by mail, Servicemen or Early Voting results. We will upload these results at the very end of the evening after all 445 precincts have been checked in.

Election results will not be official until Tuesday, April 26, when canvassing of votes is completed and after absentee ballots postmarked by midnight, April 4, and provisional and grace period ballots are counted on April 19."