Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joliet City Council District 4 Candidate John Connelly

There are three candidates challenging current District 4 City Councilwoman Susie Barber.  The candidates are:

John Connelly
Leah Cooper
Alicia Morales

Will County News spoke with John Connelly at the recent Informate/Get Informed Candidates Forum.  Connelly said he is running to "help make a safer city for my daughter to grow up in."

Connelly would not cut back on any police or fire personnel.  Connelly would encourage more elected officials and citizens to participate in ride-alongs in order to understand what police officers and firefighters and paramedics do every day.

Connelly said while the city cannot create jobs by itself, the city can help to create an environment in which jobs are more likely to be created.  For example, Connelly says Joliet parks are currently underutilized and Connelly would work to improve parks so that they could become a greater asset to the city and so that more people would use the parks.