Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halvorson launches two new websites advocating "Made in the USA"

Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson has launched two new websites aimed at advocating for increased manufacturing in her district. allows people to upload pictures of products they have purchased which are Made in the USA.  The site features a welcome message from Halvorson which states: 
"It's time that our country stopped shipping jobs overseas, and started shipping goods instead. 
I've made it my mission to shop for goods Made In America.
Submit your photos of things you bought that were Made In The USA, and let's start making the conscience decision to support American made.

- Debbie Halvorson"

Halvorson has also launched the site which highlights her efforts to produce more goods Made in the USA.

Halvorson has also discussed US Manufacturing in relation to the Joliet and Elwood Intermodal Facilities.  The two intermodals make Will County home to the largest inland port in North America.

  At the July 30, 2010 opening of the Joliet Intermodal:
"Halvorson also said she is pushing for manufacturing incentives so that the freight trains leaving the area would carry more American products. The intermodal parks serve as distribution centers, but the bulk of the freight coming through is shipped from the Pacific Coast after having been imported from Asia. "We need to insist (train cargo cars) are shipped back full of items made in America," Halvorson said."


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