Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cedra Crenshaw and AJ Wilhelmi debate on WJOL

Democratic State Senator AJ Wilhelmi and his Republican challenger Cedra Crenshaw went head to head on WJOL.  The debate got heated as Crenshaw accused Wilhelmi of "pay to play" politics while Wilhelmi questioned how Crenshaw planned to cut state programs when 90% of state spending goes to health, education, and social service programs that depend on state money to serve children and families.

Wilhelmi and Crenshaw are battling it out for the 43rd State Senate Seat.  The 43rd District includes many Will County Townships, such as: Manhattan Township, Jackson Township, Joliet Township, Troy Township, and DuPage Township.

Map of the 43rd Illinois State Senate District, from

Listen to the entire conversation at WJOL.

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