Tuesday, January 21, 2014

O'Dekirk Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Joliet

Standing on the steps of the Joliet Police Station, Bob O'Dekirk announced his candidacy for Mayor of Joliet:

O'Dekirk then took questions from the small group of citizens, supporters, and reporters gathered.  One citizen asked what we can do about low voter turnout in local elections.  O'Dekirk said he hopes Joliet residents who saw four new taxes and are seeing crime increasing in Joliet will take ownership and vote.

O'Dekirk said during his 10 years as a police officer in the City of Joliet he developed deep ties to the community and that those ties would help him forge the gap between the community and city hall.

In regards to Joliet's economic situation, O'Dekirk said promoting a 5 Guys Restaurant coming to Joliet is not an economic plan.  O'Dekirk said Joliet needs a plan for economic development and that if Bolingbrook can do it, so can Joliet.