Saturday, October 15, 2011

State Senator AJ Wilhelmi Hosts Umemployment Workshop for Local Businesses

JOLIET - On September 28, 2011 State Senator AJ Wilhelmi (D-Joliet) hosted a
workshop on unemployment insurance and the services offered by the
Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) at Joliet Junior

"I am committed to working with local business leaders to improve our
state's business climate and help them create good-paying jobs,"
Wilhelmi said.  "Unemployment insurance is an important partnership
between businesses, the State, and workers.  The purpose of this
workshop is to help employers learn the ins and outs of the unemployment

More than 40 business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs attended the
workshop, where a representative from IDES answered questions and
explained some of the services the department offers to Illinois
companies.  He explained how businesses can file unemployment insurance
complaints, detailed various state incentives for hiring new workers,
shared Illinois labor market information, and demonstrated the Illinois
Skills Match Exchange System, an online tool that helps employers find
workers with the skills they need.

"The Department of Employment Security does more than just manage the
unemployment insurance system," Wilhelmi explained.  "It works with job
creators and other state agencies to make sure state government is
helping our economy grow and producing jobs.  It is important for local
businesses to be aware of the tools the State of Illinois has developed
to help them succeed."

Wilhelmi emphasized that he wants to work with local businesses to
improve the Will County economy and strengthen Illinois' place in the
global economy.

"I encourage any business owner or manager who has a question or concern
about state rules and regulations to contact my office," he added.  "I
also welcome ideas about how state government can help develop our local
and state economy.  My door is always open."