Friday, March 25, 2011

Warren Dorris, Joliet Mayoral Candidate: "We need to make sure the jobs we got here are paying a decent wage, so people can support their families"

At the Informate/Get Informed Candidates Forum hosted by the Unidos Marketing Network--a locally owned business in Joliet--Warren Dorris explained why his experience makes him the leader Joliet needs. Dorris cited his work with the Rev. Isaac Singleton to reduce the gang problem on the East Side of Joliet. Dorris also said he has a vision for Joliet and he has a 100 day plan to work on the issues Joliet faces.

Dorris also said we need justice for the warehouse workers of America, which struck a chord with the Warehouse Workers for Justice--a Will County group that advocates for improved working conditions, pay, and benefits in the many warehouses to have been built in Will County in the last decade.

Watch Joliet Mayoral Candidate Warren Dorris discuss his qualifications and his positions on the city budget and other issues: