Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joliet Mayoral Candidate Michael Marconi says campaign is self-financed, would donate salary back to the City of Joliet

According to an ad he took out in the Joliet Herald-News today, Joliet mayoral candidate Michael Marconi's campaign is self-financed.  Marconi's ad stated he has "No Sponsors, No Fundraisers, No Donations."

Marconi is a retired Joliet Fire Battalion Chief and has served on the executive board of International Fire Fighters Association Local #2369.  Marconi states he has negotiated many contracts with the city.

Marconi's ad states he is a "lifelong, taxpaying resident of the City of Joliet" and "As Mayor, Mike will donate his salary back to the City of Joliet, and work full time to balance the budget, spend only where there is a need and cut all money-draining projects."

Marconi identifies the following as costly mistakes made by the City Council of Joliet:
"--Silver Cross Field, $27 million and ongoing debt
--Joliet Splash Station, over $8 million and ongoing debt
--Joliet Historical Museum, $9 million and ongoing debt
--Westward expansion that cannot be sustained with city services
--Insufficient revenue from prosperous times saved for the leaner years (extravagant spending)
--Raised water rates 35%
--Increased property taxes 12%
--Eliminated 62 police officer positions and 9 fire department positions compromising public safety"

Marconi is one of 9 candidates for Mayor of Joliet.  The other 8 candidates are:
Kevin Hegarty
Andy Mihelich
Jan Quillman
Tom Giarrante
Diane Harris
Lester Brown
Warren Dorris
Dale Vollmer

Here is Michael Marconi at Joliet Chamber Candidate Forum:


  1. What are the political leanings of any of these people? They lean either rep dem or green now how leans which party?

  2. I'm not sure, but will try to find out...


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