Friday, September 3, 2010

Independent Voters of Illinois endorse Green Party Candidate for IL 79th Representative District George Ochsenfeld

MONEE, Ill. -- On September 1, 2010, the Independent Voters of Illinois (IVI-IPO) endorsed George Ochsenfeld, Green Party candidate for state representative for the 79th district.

-IPO is a multi-partisan, not-for-profit, independent political organization that works to ensure fair, clean government across the state.

"I'm pleased and honored by the endorsement," said Ochsenfeld."In my travels throughout the district, I am getting support from Democrats, Republicans, and especially from independents. People are angry and disgusted with the Illinois political establishment. They want new voices, new public policies, and candidates that are not owned by special interests."

Ochsenfeld is running against incumbent Democrat Lisa Dugan and Republican candidate Nick Been.

The 79th Illinois State Representative District covers parts of Will, Kankakee, and Iroquois County.

Map of the 79th District from

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